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Public·29 Corvairborne Committee and Volunteers

Here is a proof of the proposed Cruise In top 10 award. These are being donated to the event.

Kevin Clark
4 days ago · joined the group.

I followed up with Jeff at Corvair Ranch today about placing an ad. I sent the brochure to him to review. I think he is going to try to place a small ad, but might need some graphic assistance creating it.

Today I received in the mail a check from White Allen, a Chevy dealership in Dayton. It is $250 for a full page ad but no ad is provided. It also had a form W-9 which is a request for taxpayer ID number and certification or at least someone's SS number. It will need to be filled out. Is anyone familiar with the W-9 form and who should be the person to fill this out? The check becomes void after 60 days so please help me on this question.

Contacted Ted Brown this morning with the latest brochure file.

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