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Public·30 Corvairborne Committee and Volunteers

The Corsa Directors are coming to visit Dayton and see all the sites that are set for the 2024 convention. They could not get a room reserved for November 3 & 4. They will try reserving a room for November 10 &11. Once a date is confirmed, the Directors will visit the sites on Friday and all committee members will need to be in attendance on Saturday for a general planning work session. I will post any updates.

Michael Bayman
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark
Sep 16, 2023

Save the date for November 11. All committee leaders need to be there by 8:30AM at the host hotel. There will be lots to review and plan and this is the only meeting we will have in person with the CORSA Directors before the convention. The address to the host hotel is Marriott at the University of Dayton, 1414 S. Patterson Blvd. If you are not local, you might want to consider staying at the hotel the night before the meeting.

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