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Shawn Funkhouser
Shawn Funkhouser

Here is the latest communication from our SCCA contact Brandon;

Hi Shawn,

Kilkare has not formally confirmed their 2024 schedule yet, but they have confirmed Thursday 25 July 2024 for your event. Below is a projection of fees for your planning purposes, we can talk more about details when it gets closer (how much you want to charge in addition, if your club wants to cover the SCCA weekend membership cost for your members, etc).

Kilkare site fee: $850 per day

Sanction/insurance: $15.50 per unique registration/competitor

SCCA weekend membership fee: $15 per non scca competitor fees: approximately $2 per unique registration/competitor site fee (paid directly by each entrant, not a club paid fee): $2 per entrant

When we have done joint events with other clubs in the past, we typically create their club classes under our registration, and all cash flow comes to us. From there, we will get the financials after the event and after all fees are paid then we send a check for the remaining profit. I would recommend that our clubs draft a quick contract for the event with details so there are no surprises, and so you guys know exactly what to expect.

Hope this helps!



Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark
31 okt. 2023

In case we cannot enter Kil-Kare Raceway November 10 with representatives from CORSA to review the track, here is a link to view a video taken last summer.

The video does not show the race car from the starting line, a complete lap probably took about 45 seconds. This is a good site for auto-crossing for our convention.

Video Link:

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