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Hey all, I got a real problem. I'm asking everyone for help. I just learned we might have to change our four day convention week to a five day convention week. In the contract Corsa mentioned we have Sunday through Friday and if we do not use any rooms on Friday, Corsa will lose a lot. Corsa knows the survey shows the membership prefer a four day convention week but they did not know that before signing the contract. So please put your thinking cap on. I really hope we can keep the schedule as is. Can there be a way to encourage our guest to stay another night without reshuffling the schedule? I posted a schedule and it shows a current 4 day and a proposed five day convention week. Mike Hall will help when we do a Zoom session sometime next week. In the meantime, please post any suggestions!


Rob Ernst
Rob Ernst
Sep 19, 2023

I know it's a while out but are there any huge car shows in the area that weekend?

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