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I spoke with Mike Hall. We now have insurance to cover the autocross. The entire cost for track rental and insurance is $1200. He said we are good with the budget. He didn't mention additional fees.

When discussing with Mike on how to include the Impala club to participate with us in autocross, I suggested they use the drag strip. Mike thinks this is a fantastic idea. Can you check with Brandon if the drag strip would be available for the Impala club? Mike is contacting Don Keefe to see if the Impala club would like this.

This would solve our problem. It would avoid alienating the Impala clubs participation with us, and this would make the autocross more exciting to see with both tracks participating on the same day.

Duane Baker
Dec 20, 2023


Are we coordinating our clubs events to coincide with the Impalas club events? If so the 2 clubs need to get together and discuss the convention schedules because I'm not sure if they have that day open. I'm not entirely sure what all is needed to have a drag event and I'm not sure our SCCA contact would have much information either. There's timing, safety, medical, etc.... I will reach out to Brandon to see if he has any information he can share.

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