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Public·30 Corvairborne Committee and Volunteers

I spoke with Mike Hall.

He feels we need to have the Concours inside Carillon park regardless we have sponsors or not. The Concours at Carillon Park, he stated, is the best plan we came up with to show off Dayton. He would rather not have the Concours at the hotel. He rather see the Shriners Corvairs parking on the beautiful lawn and see the fly-over at the park. If the Concours was held at the hotel, we would not have the lawn nor the fly-over and it would be boring! Besides, everyone would have seen the Corvairs the night before during the Car Display. Nothing would have changed.

He asked me check with you if we are okay that after the convention, CORSA will pay for admission cost from our profit before they split 50/50 with us. In other word, CORSA will pay off the cost for the Concours from the money we make. Then divide the remaining profit between CORSA and DCC. Mike knows the profit will likely be in the $20,000 range. Mike had mentioned earlier to me, we should split evenly our profit with Cincinnati and Columbus.

I would say we should. I think we will see some money rolling in from sponsors. Mike has other ideas to get funding to help pay for the admissions so that any members can go see the park once for free any day of the week. So let's go for it! Are there any objections?


Duane Baker
Rob Ernst
Dec 30, 2023

Agree…Concours in the Park!!!

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