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We were not able to convince anyone with their Vairplanes to come for our aviation event.

We would have had them to be on display near the USAF Museum toward the end of the convention week. This would have created a perfect opportunity to revisit the AF museum to its fullest before the banquet. It takes all day to see and read every thing there. It is the world’s largest AF Museum you know.

Everyone who drove their Corvair would have had their pictures taken parked next to the Vairplanes and possibly the AF museum in the back drop. How cool is that for a souvenir.

The OshKosh fly-in event in Wisconsin is the same week and unfortunately is drawing all attention away from ours.

We really had a good idea and I want to thank Eva for navigating through the process that required a lot of involvement with the military personnel at WPAFB. She really charmed her way getting permission for landing permits on the military base. I never thought it was possible but Eva really pulled it off.

It is a lost opportunity of a lifetime. Those flying to OshKosh will miss an opportunity that likely will never happen again here at the Birthplace of Aviation.

Let’s find another idea to replace the Vairplanes that are not coming.

Darcy Baker
Darcy Baker
Nov 08, 2023

They could still go back to the Air Force museum to explore more, they could spend the day in Yellow Springs and Youngs Jersey Dairy.

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