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We were not able to convince anyone with their Vairplanes to come for our aviation event.

We would have had them to be on display near the USAF Museum toward the end of the convention week. This would have created a perfect opportunity to revisit the AF museum to its fullest before the banquet. It takes all day to see and read every thing there. It is the world’s largest AF Museum you know.

A note from Eva:

I spoke to Duane recently to give him an update as it's easier for me to do it this way. I get lost in all the emails and Corvairborne posts, etc. It's getting confusing.

Here's the latest information I have to share with you. I called and spoke to John Vance on 9/27/23. He is the Aviation Coordinator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base I had mentioned that I previously spoken to and he was willing to work with us in having this event. I made further inquiries to see if they would be open to having aviation event featuring the Vairplanes on either Wednesday or Friday during convention week (as a day event). He and I both agreed that an airplane event must take place during the day (not in the evening). John stated that they would make sure a definite arrival window time and…

It looks like we will not have a cruise-in I had hoped for to the Dayton Wright Brothers Airport. The best we can do is get as many Vairplanes willing to come. They would be allowed to land there and be permitted to stay overnight (for a fee). Then anyone or group can drive there, park in the parking lot and see the Vairplanes parked along the runway, and see the Wright "B" Flyer inside their museum. I am hoping we can get maybe at least 3 or 4 Vairplanes to come. If no Vairplanes are coming, the museum with the Wright "B" Flyer would be an optional attraction anyone can come see during our convention week.

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