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I recommend you do some follow up on potential advertisers who had not yet signed up with getting there ad in our program. Just reach out to them and remind them. If they want an ad and make any payment by June 1st, they can send in their ad any time before July 1st. Time is getting short.


I went to Skyline for lunch yesterday and spoke to a manager inquiring about donating a gift basket. He gladly will provide one and come pick it up at the end of June.

Here is an updated list of advertisers. We should do some follow up. The deadline is June 1. I plan to contact State Farm and hope they will sponsor the Bill Mitchell award.

2024 Dayton Convention Activity-Advertisers 5.12.24
Download PDF • 104KB

I received another check for $500 from Clark's Corvair Parts. We can us it however we wish. They do not want another ad as sponsor for the Bill Mitchell Award. The Deeds Carillon bell tower award is still open for any sponsor. The statute is heavy. It is 10lbs of solid bronze and stands 12" tall on top of 2.5" wood base. To sponsor this award is $500. Any takers?

We are good with White Allen Cheverolet. They will need my help designing their full page ad which will be fun.

I followed up with Jeff at Corvair Ranch today about placing an ad. I sent the brochure to him to review. I think he is going to try to place a small ad, but might need some graphic assistance creating it.

Today I received in the mail a check from White Allen, a Chevy dealership in Dayton. It is $250 for a full page ad but no ad is provided. It also had a form W-9 which is a request for taxpayer ID number and certification or at least someone's SS number. It will need to be filled out. Is anyone familiar with the W-9 form and who should be the person to fill this out? The check becomes void after 60 days so please help me on this question.

Contacted Ted Brown this morning with the latest brochure file.

Here is an updated list of Advertisers (01.09.24). If you have contacted, or plan to contact, or know of any other vendors to add, please reply here and the list will get update.

List of Program Advertisers 01.09.24
Download PDF


I have had to update the Convention Program Advertising Opportunities brochure. The new file dated with 12.28.23 is current and it contains a disclaimer that any money or gifts are not tax deductible. Discard any older files and replace with this one.

We have a major sponsor for the Wright B Flyer Fly-Over!!!

2024 Convention Sponsoring Partners Brochure 12.28.23
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I've reached out to:


Eastwood--No response yet.

Original Parts Group- Submitted a completed questionaire along with our pricing guide and tax status form.

Kevin Clark

Topic- Advertising & Sponsoring Partners:

We should have a list of potential advertisers who would like to buy ads to be published in the program.

It is important one person contact each business they list so that each business would not be contacted by random members.

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