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Mid-Ohio Meet. 

Join us for a day of fun, food, and Vairs!

The 2021 Mid-Ohio Meet is June 12 and is hosted by the Columbus area Vair Force Corvair Club in conjunction with the Dayton Corvair Club and Corvair Club of Cincinnati.

Vair Force will be grilling summer time food for everyone so bring your drinks and tableware plus a covered dish to share. We will eat at noon. There will be People's Choice awards, dash plaques, 50/50 drawings and door prizes. Bring your valve cover racer as the Vair Force will have a valve cover track competition. We will park by the lake so bring a fishing pole!

The event is from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Lakeview Picnic Shelter at Clarence J. Brown Reservoir, Army Corp of Engineers Area opposite from Buck Creek State Park near Springfield. The cost is $10 per family.

Depending on which map app or devices you use, type in either 2630 Overlook Drive or 2630 Croft Road. You want to be at the southwest side of CJ Brown Resevoir. Typing in 2630 Overlook Drive location on an iPhone is likely correct. Typing in 2630 Croft Road on Google will correctly take you to 2630 Overlook Drive which is correct place. Once you reach your destination point, turn right and go down a short hill. The Vair Force will be waiting for you by the lake.


There should be "Corvair" signs to follow and if you get lost call Craig Scott at 740-602-2694.


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